The self-editable annotated European Patent Convention

No more marking a printed EPC commentary by hand and watching the marked-up book to become outdated with the next version...
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What is the EPC.App?

EPC.App is an annotated European Patent Convention (EPC), which allows each user to further annotate it electronically and to receive updates from the authors without losing individual user annotations.

EPC.App is an electronic book implemented as a web browser application, which offers for registered users:

  • to access and navigate the annotated EPC from anywhere via an internet connection (preferably on a display of 10" or larger)
  • to adapt authors' annotations to personal preferencesarrow_drop_down
    • remove individual authors' markings
    • change marking styles
    • hide individual authors' comments and legal contents
  • to add own annotations, which get stored in the cloudarrow_drop_down
    • markings of the legal text
    • comments as separate text blocks (with links to other parts)
    • further elements selectable from a comprehensive database of relevant legal contents
  • to receive automatic updates of legal texts and authors' comments twice per year (in November and in April)
  • to create a printable PDF-file as offline version or backup, which includes all self-edited annotations and closely reproduces the layout from the web browser application

EPC.App is available in English and in German (with same content) and encompasses the Articles, Rules, Protocols of the EPC, as well as the Rules relating to Fees, Examination Guidelines, Official Journal articles, case law, etc. The PDF-file makes up more than 600 A4 pages with default settings already without personal user annotations.

For whom is the EPC.App?

EPC.App is intended for both the Practitioner and the Trainee. It is dedicated to be used when preparing for the European Qualifying Examination (EQE) and for working as a Professional thereafter.

  • People are different. We believe that the optimum preparation for the EQE requires an annotated EPC which is adapted to the personal needs of the respective user
  • EPC.App provides a platform and a starting point for doing this efficiently
    • start with authors' content selections, comments, and markings
    • adapt all authors' contributions according to your wishes, and add own comments and markings
    • receive authors' updates during your exam preparation process without losing already created own annotations
  • There are great books full of detailed information on the EPC
  • EPC.App helps finding the most relevant information quickly
    • by filtering out less important information
    • by allowing electronic content search
    • by providing links to other parts of the EPC and external websites
EPC.App folder

If you are interested in the displayed folder (as long as stocks last), please send an e-mail to

  • It requires a lot of time and discipline to keep a once prepared EPC up-to-date
  • EPC.App allows doing this in a time-saving and convenient manner
    • by author-provided automatic updates
    • by automatically generated notes informing which of your own comments require reconsideration, and automatic copying of unaffected comments
  • It is difficult to efficiently remember important case law retrieved over time
  • EPC.App allows building up your own annotated case law database
    • plural thousands Boards of Appeal decisions including headnotes and web-links to the full text, and the possibility to add own summarizing comments
    • variable placement of decision (e.g. next to a related article)
    • always available in a cloud storage as well as in a printable local pdf copy
date_range19 Nov. 2018

New PDF generation options for optimizing the PDF either for printout as a loose-leaf collection or for electronic reading / creating a bound printed book. Depending on the setting, the total number of pages in the PDF can be reduced by more than 250 without removing any real content of the book.

date_range1 Nov. 2018

Completion of pre-release test phase and official start of usage for everybody with updated legal status (1st November 2018, usable for EQE 2019). As of now, users can purchase permanent licenses after signing in to the EPC.App user area.

date_range20 Sep. 2018

Start of pre-release phase:

As of now, you can register for a free test account valid until 31.10.2018, which allows to read the entire content and to test editing functions.

date_range20 Sep. 2018

Candidates preparing for the European Qualifying Examination 2019 may now receive a printable complete PDF with all authors' comments free of charge for personal use.

Further information can be found on the Prices page.