The self-editable commented Patent Cooperation Treaty

  • PCT.App is an annotated Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) for both practitioners and trainees, which is provided with extensive authors' comments. It has been created by combining Pete Pollard's experience from many years of teaching PCT with IP.appify's electronic book platform. See detailed author explanations of the concept with samples.
  • This book tackles the well-known problem of the PCT that the articles of the treaty define only basic matter and the rules of the regulations have become a convoluted mix of legal provisions which is difficult to comprehend in full. The PCT.App, on the other hand, is directed to allow an easy start into the PCT and to find answers quickly. To this end, the structure is based upon the logic of the PCT Applicant's Guide, which mainly reflects the chronological processing of the international application and helps to define a starting point when searching for a specific answer. The articles and rules of the PCT are reordered according to this topic-based structure and enhanced by numerous supplementary overviews, all to achieve quicker and more intuitive access.
  • At the same time, the PCT.App allows to dig as deep into the PCT as you want. To this end, all relevant provisions of the PCT are included at least once and provided with detailed authors' comments directly coupled to the law. Users can further utilize the flexibility of the electronic platform to add their own comments, to customize markings, to re-display details of the law that have been hidden by the authors for focus purposes, or add further related legal provisions from an extensive database.
  • Together with the EPC.App, the PCT.App enables bidirectional references as hyperlinks and convenient switching between EPC and PCT with a single login. The combination also allows to have both relevant reference books for the EQE from the same source with a common concept.
  • Users who purchase annual licenses for both EPC.App and PCT.App, receive a discount of 40% on the second App, so that both together cost 160% of any single annual license.
  • PCT.App is available in English and German with same content (bilingual official legal texts except for EN-only PCT Administrative Instructions; Pete Pollard's English author comments translated into German by Till Andlauer). The content will be comprehensively updated once per year in September. See also blog post on the current 5th edition with legal status of 01 September 2023 and update notes on earlier editions.
  • For all those who prefer to start with a classical book, a stand-alone printed version of PCT.App with all authors' comments is available as paperback on Amazon (in the marketplaces DE, UK, FR, NL, IT, ES, SE, PL, US, CA, AU, JP). The current September 2023 edition comes in a convenient format (25.4x17.8cm, 3.4 cm thick) and has 590 b/w pages. Excerpt pages for free inspection can be found here.
  • Reviews: Answering D1 Exam 2021 with EPC.App & PCT.App (Salted Patent Blog April 2021), Study Materials Review: EPC.App and PCT.App (The Yellow Sheet November 2021).