The self-editable commented European Patent Convention

Cover image EPC.App
  • EPC.App is an annotated European Patent Convention (EPC), which focuses on finding the most relevant information quickly.
  • All articles, rules and protocols of the EPC as well as the Rules relating to Fees are fully reproduced. They are provided in extendable manner with abstracts from the Examination Guidelines, Official Journal articles and case law, as well as numerous cross-references. Depending on output settings and personal user annotations, the PDF-file makes up about 400 to 600 A4 pages.
  • The content is ordered according to the articles of the Convention, which are always started at the top of a page, and to which the rules of the Implementing Regulations are assigned. The display is in a two-column layout, for non-disrupted reading of the legal texts in the left column, as well as comments assigned to the individual paragraphs in the right column.
  • Authors' comments are generally kept in a short style, reduced to the essentials, and distinct in colour from official texts. Comments can also be found as short references within the legal texts, as well as below them in the form of more detailed summaries of the legal situation.
  • The texts are further provided with coloured markings of important key terms, time limits, fees, languages, and legal consequences.
  • EPC.App is available in English and German (with same content). The content will be updated twice per year to the current legal status (in April and November).
  • For all those who prefer to start with a classical book, a stand-alone printed version of the EPC.App with all authors' comments is available as paperback on Amazon (in the marketplaces GB, DE, FR, ES, IT, US, CA, JP). The current November 2019 edition comes in a convenient small format (24x17cm, 2.5 cm thick) and has 428 b/w pages. In the Amazon store, you can freely inspect the first few pages of the book by selecting “Look inside”.